Our founder and owner, Hansie Potgieter, completed his studies in Industrial and Organisational Pshychology in the late 1980’s.

He then worked for an International Manufacturing Business in the Automotive Industry. He got involved in productivity improvement projects, and due to the success was sent on International Study Tours and at the end managed the whole restructuring project of the multi billion rand business in South Africa, including the establishment of an International Sales Department. The success of the restructuring project then led to a few more projects to drastically improve the profitability of the business. This included making the strategy a reality on all levels.

In 1998 Hansie resigned from his employer and made his services available to more organisations. Due to the combination of his experience, internationally tried and tested management systems, his clients' experienced major improvements in profitability. Some achievements were published in Business Magazines and Newspapers:

  • Double the output in a department with 300 employees in two months!
  • Improve operating profit by R120m in one year!
  • Break world records in only two weeks!
  • Become the leaders in value-adding people development!
  • Improve productivity by 33% in a 15 day project!
  • Reduce fixed expenses to 36% below budget!
  • Winning the Presidents Award for exports in 1998 through a highly motivated and world class distribution and export department!

Hansie realised that if he combines his overall business performance improvement experience with the introduction of an IT Solution, he will offer his clients a much more sustainable solution.

The development of a unique IT Solution started in 2005. This solution was suitable for manufacturing companies only, but it was possible to introduce very lean structures - and it made clear what the real indicators were to secure our clients' success.

During 2014 we started putting together our more advanced IT Solution - further streamlining the management systems, but also making it possible to integrate with clients' existing systems. And this new IT system works incredibly well for projects based businesses too.

In summary then, the same astonishing performance improvement results can still be achieved, combining that with the introduction of our IT modules provide a more sustainable solution.

The structure or our service can now also be offered making use of a retainer structure.